CJSC Aeromar performs delivery of any product by its own delivery service.

Delivery cost

The cost of delivery from our shop is free and carried out only to board your flight.

Delivery time

Delivery of goods on board aircraft from CJSC Aeromar carried out in accordance with the plan of departure.

Delivery place

On board the aircraft flight attendant is responsible for the commercial service, issues the goods ordered on our website.


When you pay for goods you will be given all the necessary documents for the purchase of merchandise, cash checks.


Delivery service: 8 (495) 232 65 38 (multichannel).

E-mail: skyshop@aeromar.ru


List of flights on which trading service CJSC Aeromar is not carried out.

Domestic flights:

  • SU 1222/1223 Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Moscow
  • SU 1196/1197 Moscow - Kazan - Moscow
  • SU 1216/1217 Moscow - Samara - Moscow
  • SU 1394/1395 Moscow - Perm - Moscow
  • SU 1250/1251 Moscow - Nizhnekamsk - Moscow
  • SU 1008/1009 Moscow - Kaliningrad - Moscow
  • SU 5332/5333 Moscow - Mineralnie Vodi - Moscow

International flights:

  • SU 1834/1835 Moscow - Minsk - Moscow
  • SU 1808/1809 Moscow - Odessa - Moscow
  • SU 1802/1803 Moscow - Kiev - Moscow
  • SU 1810/1811 Moscow - Kharkiv - Moscow




When you receipt of the order to board the plane, you will be able to pay for goods ordered by referring to the flight attendant.


On International fights main types of convertible currencies are accepted for payment:

Name Currency Notes
Australian Dollar AUD  except for coins
Swiss Franc CHF  except for coins
Euro EUR  
Japanese Yen JPY  except for coins
Russian Ruble RUR  
Singapore Dollar SGD  except for coins
Canadian Dollar CAD  except for coins
Danish Krone DKK  except for coins
British Pound Sterling GBP  except for coins
Norwegian Krone NOK  except for coins
Swedish Krona SEK  except for coins
The US Dollar USD  

Internal exchange rate varies according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and listed in the shopping cart when ordering. 

On Domestic flights only roubles are accepted for payment.

On PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines flights you can pay by credit cards (Visa, Master Card, JCВ Card) and by cash. Electronic credit cards are not accepted for payment.

On OJSC Rossiya Airlines flights only cash is temporarily accepted for payment.