One of the important components of our online catalog is the fact that goods sold are all certified and provided with brand manufacturers guarantee.

We will reserve the items under your name, and the ordered products will be delivered on board when payment for the items will be conducted. If you have changed the order, you may partially pay and receive the items, or cancel the order completely. In a case of making any complaints, the checks you received after making a payment must be given.

After take-off and gaining an altitude you should address to the flight attendant and tell your order ID number and your surname.

Please make your order at least 3 days prior to the departure (excluding the departure day). You will receive a receipt upon the product purchase. The products offered on board are all certified. If necessary, address the flight attendant for information on the conformity of the goods offered on board.

In cases when a warranty period of the product is not determined by manufacturer, JSC “Aeromar” determines 6-month warranty period (from the date of purchasing) for all categories of products, excluding perfumes, cosmetics and foodstuff. This warranty is not an additional one to the warranty of the seller. The product prices can be changed without pre-information.

JSC “Aeromar” conducts its business activity in compliance with the Legislation of the Russian Federation. Returning or exchanging of the products purchased from JSC “Aeromar” can be carried in compliance with the Law of the Russian Federation No. 2300-1 “On Consumer rights protection”, dated on February 7, 1992. JSC “Aeromar” is not liable for any duties imposed by Customs Authorities, nor any changes in the Customs Legislation. List of non-food (technically complex) goods of proper quality, non-refundable or unchangeable for analogue goods of other size, shape, overall dimensions, fashion, colour or furnishing, is approved by the Regulation of the Russian Federation No. 55, dated on January 19, 1998.